Two Handed Phrases Into One

Here we see two phrases that create one phrase. The three PDF charts are of each phrase. Look at each chart to see the breakdown of each phrase on each hand. The third PDF “Right and Left Hand” is both phrases written on the rack and floor toms (separate staff lines) allowing you to see how the two phrases make one complete phrase. Then I use that complete phrase to build various chants based on that theme.

The Art Of Playing Softly

There are performances that require a very light touch. Either because people are very close to the bandstand or the room is loud no matter how you play. The control is in the wrists. Any style can be performed with a very light touch. Here are a few styles demonstrated requiring that kind of sensitivity.

Side-Stick 1

One of the most crucial techniques in the art of playing drums is the use of the side-stick. The side-stick is used in all styles of music, however it is most commonly associated with soft R&B (Smooth Jazz), Pop Ballads, Country, Reggae, Samba and Latin/Salsa. I’ve developed a few techniques over the years that are shared and demonstrated in this lesson along with adding the style of Hip Hop.

Javier Reyes of Animals As Leaders

javierreyesAfter an astounding set performed by Animals As Leaders at Ram’s Head in Baltimore, MD this past Thursday, guitarist Javier Reyes gives a brief update about the group and how it got started. He speaks briefly about drummer Matt Garstka, working with fellow musician Tosin Abasi and his origins in music coming from his hometown of Washington DC (Adams Morgan/Mount Pleasant).