Club Chant

This chant is a disco beat in which every note is opposite each other when looking at it from the snare, kick and hi hat accent perspective. In this case I wrote two charts so you can see these two perspectives. The only time where the snare and kick land together are on beat 3 of measure 2. I developed this chant as a warm up to build clean synchronization.

Doubles 4

This chant was originally performed by drummer Gene Lake on alto saxophonist Henry Threadgill’s album Spirit Of Nuff…Nuff [released 1990 Black Saint]. The composition is titled “Hope A Hope A”. This chant was mostly inspired by Gene Lake’s style and approach. I always found his style to sound loose. The cymbal part alone gives this Hip Hop chant a loose overlay. The doubles on the bell are key to that looseness.

Triple 5

This is an instrumental version of a tune I wrote called “Long Distance Memory”. The song demonstrates flowing from 6/8 to 3/4. It can be looked at a number of ways. I generally like to look at this tune as the A section (after the intro) in 3 and the B and C sections in 6. The guitar solo sections are in 6.

8th Note Tied To 16th Notes

The 8th tied to 16th note phrased pattern can be used in all types of music.  I first demonstrate using the ride cymbal and the hi hat. This is probably one of my most used phrases particularly in rock, r&b and latin. It creates a rhythmic propulsion that drives drum chants in a percussive manner.