University of Chicago Residency Featuring Steve Coleman & Guests August 1, 2015

11017355_10206460514570760_5821906371779113292_oThis is another performance featuring on the spot creative music with Steve Coleman and special guests. This is a dual cam raw edit. As part of the residency, we performed onstage in venues making this performance captured at Cafe Logan a bit more intimate for the audience. As the drummer, I have to always listen to everything happening. This is a humbling gig to have working with Steve Coleman mostly because the music never becomes relaxing. Anything can happen at anytime. A cue could be thrown inside the most odd place. Rhythmically speaking, it is not enough to look at this as a challenge. You must be alert on all fronts and ready to play against all the music you hear. This performance is a wonderful opportunity to share my experience with this group of musicians.
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