Rock Chant 4

This chant expands from previous Rock Chants 1, 2, and 3. The hat and snare are very basic again because they are the common thread in the basics of Western 4 beat rock/r&b/pop music. For any drummer beginning and exposed to Western Music, the basic snare and hi hat are the measuring stick. This music was made for inclusion. It’s meant to be easily understood and shared. Notice the open hat which only happens on the “and” of beat 4 every second measure. The kick drum notation using the dotted 8th tied to the 16th adds a funky touch. This very basic figure opens a new dimension and turns this basic chant (morphed from Rock Chant 1) into a Funk Chant. It serves a specific style and immediately demonstrates how a minimal shift or figure that happens every so often takes the chant into a different world. One or two notes is all it takes to create a style.

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