Rhythm Master Class at The Kimmel Center Philadelphia, PA November 12, 2016

The focus here is shapes. The Western world is in what I call a Rhythmic Apocalypse. In Western culture, our popular rhythms are based primarily on the duple feel. Triple feel, also known as ternary, seems to exist at a much lesser degree. Duple and triple feel are environments in which simple, yet unique shapes can be created.
2016-11-21 15.00.48Keeping to the shapes as duple and triple feel separate and collide creates a multi-layered sense and approach to rhythm demonstrated in this master class. These are ways of using short-term memory to approach time keeping without counting in the traditional sense. The feel and shape are always the most important things going on for a drummer performing any style of music. Highlights here include a look at duple versus triple feel. Performing a 5 beat pattern clave over a 6 beat triple phrase follows. Long and short beat combinations are used to spell out shapes. The Master Class ends with a multi-layered piece based on spoken word where the students participate.

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