This chant was written in 1996 during my early days with Five Elements. As mentioned earlier, it was part of what the band was working on during the Oakland/Stanford University Residency in the summer of 1996. Being that I was new in the band along with bassist David Dyson, Steve constructed drum chants nightly on our first European Tour. It was a bit nerve racking for me because I didn’t understand why he was so particular about things. Over time, he was grooming me for things to come. The easy thing about this is it begins with the kick drum. The flow of the chant has a certain swing and sway, not rhythmically abrasive and jagged. The bass line moves with the shape of the drum chant instead of against it. As you practice this and increase the tempo, it takes on an Afro Cuban rhythmic feel. This greatly influences the way I perform and interpret this chant in live performances. Adding the cowbell creates a Latin flavor that fits well with the African triplet feel. During the performance you can hear how nice it feels to play across the bar lines, especially with the bell of the ride cymbal. Once the framework is realized, the expanding and contracting sound of this chant takes many shapes.

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