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The Rick’s world of being a working musician and traveler is captured in HD video. Included are live performances, private and public workshops, behind the scenes footage, and precious musical experiences abroad.

Triplet 7 / That’s My Cord

This song uses the triplet feel with a nod to reggae. Written long ago and put in vaults of instrumentals, I realized years later this is a great tune to feature the triplet shuffle. The left hand propels the groove with ghost notes emphasizing the second beat of the constant triplets. This is a fun tune to play pocket to and experiment with the world of triplet based phrasing. The title is actually “That’s My Cord” from a demo I recorded years ago.

Blue Whale/Los Angeles Residency Featuring Steve Coleman & Five Elements December 5, 2015

bluewhalefiveelementsThis performance features Steve Coleman and Five Elements during our three week residency at Blue Whale in Los Angeles. The two and a half hour performance is a raw two cam edit using audio from a portable mp3 recorder. There is no PA system being used on the bandstand and no monitors on the floor. We depend on our dynamics as musicians so we can push the sound to the audience blending at our own levels. Most bands do not do this because they rely on rehearsed music played the same way each night. Not Five Elements. The band is able to shift gears rhythmically, melodically and harmonically giving each night a unique setlist.  

University of Chicago Residency Featuring Steve Coleman & Guests August 1, 2015

11017355_10206460514570760_5821906371779113292_oThis is another performance featuring on the spot creative music with Steve Coleman and special guests. This is a dual cam raw edit. As part of the residency, we performed onstage in venues making this performance captured at Cafe Logan a bit more intimate for the audience. As the drummer, I have to always listen to everything happening. This is a humbling gig to have working with Steve Coleman mostly because the music never becomes relaxing. Anything can happen at anytime. A cue could be thrown inside the most odd place. Rhythmically speaking, it is not enough to look at this as a challenge. You must be alert on all fronts and ready to play against all the music you hear. This performance is a wonderful opportunity to share my experience with this group of musicians.

University of Chicago Residency Featuring Steve Coleman & Guests July 16, 2015

colemanresidency1This is a full performance at Reva & David Logan Center for the Arts at University of Chicago featuring alto saxophonist Steve Coleman, myself on drums and the band. The performance was (and currently is) part of a four week residency which also includes workshops and open rehearsals. Steve’s music is full of counter crossing rhythms, time signatures, key changes, melodic references, multi-layered chords, phrases, and cues. Along with all those components comes his unique style and vision behind the music approaching a rhythmic sense unparalleled and completely original. Notice constant usage of multiple drum chants using long and short beats.