Category : Warm Up Exercises

The study of rhythmic patterns repeatedly played to “loosen up” the muscles for longevity.

Singles 1

When approaching singles, the main thing to focus on is relaxing. Concentrate on directing relaxed energy to the wrists. Avoid built up tension in the upper body. Once mind and body are relaxed, there is more energy to focus on the singles. This lesson demonstrates singles in duple and triple starting at 100 bpm. The key is to work at things that are difficult such as faster singles. Beginning at a slower moderate speed using simple exercises and then building up to faster tempos are demonstrated. This lesson is not edited so you will see a little production chatter. 

Warming Up 1

Warm up exercises. Demonstrated here I’m loosening the wrists using doubles around the kit. Single strokes and double bass drum exercises are also demonstrated to loosen the ankles.