Category : Hi Hat Techniques

The study and development of hi hat phrasing, patterns and technique.

Busy Hats

This demonstrates hi-hat chants and rhythmic combinations over simple 4/4 drum chants. The emphasis is the art of playing busy while remaining relaxed. These techniques can be used in many forms of dance music. From Bulgarian Wedding music to Electronica! Busy Hats incorporates single and double stroke phrasing.

Hi Hat Focal Point

In this lesson the focus is keeping the hi-hats going no matter what! This is a demonstration using the hi-hat as a constant steady reference point. Approaching solos incorporating the hit-hat as well.

8th & 16th Note Hi Hat Combinations 2

Continues 8th & 16th Note Hi Hat Combinations 1 with the click track at 100 BPM using various drum chants. Variations of 8th/16th combinations are used with simple chants with the ride and rack toms. Shortening and lengthening drum chants are demonstrated while using the constant hi hat pattern throughout. The 16th/8th concept becomes a series of triplets when used in triple time.

8th & 16th Note Hi Hat Combinations 1

This demonstration combines the use of one 8th note tied to two 16th notes (or vice versa) on the hi-hat over various drum chants. I can’t say how many drummers throughout the 70’s influenced my playing and vocabulary from Tiki Fulwood to Tony Thompson. This is a glimpse into the possibilities of treating the hi-hat rhythms. A way to look at the phrase is an alternative to constant 8th or 16th notes used with hi hats during the disco era. One objective stressed here is to keep this rhythm constant and solid for a long period of time. Endurance, technique and sensitivity are a must. Repetitive patterns over repetitive chants at a slower tempo allows for mastery at faster tempos. This lesson also demonstrates shifting tempos using the 8th/16th phrase combination. The same pattern works on the ride cymbal. I discuss arm position. An echo effect is created using this combination.