Category : Dynamics

This category includes lessons that focus on intense playing to soft playing.

Triple 5

This is an instrumental version of a tune I wrote called “Long Distance Memory”. The song demonstrates flowing from 6/8 to 3/4. It can be looked at a number of ways. I generally like to look at this tune as the A section (after the intro) in 3 and the B and C sections in 6. The guitar solo sections are in 6.

The Art Of Playing Softly

There are performances that require a very light touch. Either because people are very close to the bandstand or the room is loud no matter how you play. The control is in the wrists. Any style can be performed with a very light touch. Here are a few styles demonstrated requiring that kind of sensitivity.

Triple 4

This performance is what I call a blues rock. Notice the pickup at the end of the A section. I like to refer to those early pickups as “hiccups”. This is another composition that tricks out the use of simple triplet phrases over a simple rock swing template.

Triple 3

Triplet 3 is a performance that incorporates a lot of accents in 6/8, the most common rock feel. Is this overplaying? Absolutely! But it is done in a fashion that exhibits catching things on the fly. You got flams galore here too.