Category : Dynamics

This category includes lessons that focus on intense playing to soft playing.

Duple Chant in 9 #1

This chant is styled after what I call the James Brown Backbeat. There’s nothing technical about the word “Backbeat”. It’s just something I associate the snare drum phrase with. When performing this with the Play Along mp3, the music helps bring this style out. It’s limiting to instruct and demonstrate the odd meter of nine without music. As I always suggest, perform this chant at a slow tempo and eventually increase tempo as you feel comfortable through repetition.

The Art Of Playing Softly

There are performances that require a very light touch. Either because people are very close to the bandstand or the room is loud no matter how you play. The control is in the wrists. Any style can be performed with a very light touch. Here are a few styles demonstrated requiring that kind of sensitivity.