Category : Cymbal Techniques

This is the use and role of the cymbals using various techniques.

Doubles 4

This chant was originally performed by drummer Gene Lake on alto saxophonist Henry Threadgill’s album Spirit Of Nuff…Nuff [released 1990 Black Saint]. The composition is titled “Hope A Hope A”. This chant was mostly inspired by Gene Lake’s style and approach. I always found his style to sound loose. The cymbal part alone gives this Hip Hop chant a loose overlay. The doubles on the bell are key to that looseness.

Cymbal Artistry

Cymbal artistry covers a large area. This lesson focuses on many uses and textural examples using the cymbals in various manners and styles. Every cymbal has its own sound and definition. Even the same exact model and brand of cymbals sound differently than each other. You can use the edge of crashes for “pings” and “chokes”.  At times, the dynamic of the music can change with a cymbal by striking it on its own with nothing in front, behind, or with it. I go into the use of different sounds and dynamics of the ride cymbal, the splash, the crash and the hi-hats. Rock crash riding, open hats, closed hats are all different aspects used in this valuable lesson.