Category : Beginner Lessons

This is for drummers starting out. We explore drum chants (beats) and concepts that are simple for the new drummer. These lessons are easy to understand, practice and perform. The techniques used provide the ground work for all styles of drumming.

Rock Chant 1

This lesson is tailored for the Beginner. If you can count to 4 then you are halfway there! The kick drum is on beats 1 and 3. The snare drum is on beats 2 and 4 and the hi hats are on every beat and a half meaning “one and two and three and four and”. So the hi hat lands on every word when counted out loud while playing this exercise. I strongly recommend beginning every lesson at a slow tempo. This is a good habit to develop early on because no matter what level of playing you are on, it’s easiest and most informative to study every beat and space between each note. This allows you to have more understanding of all music you learn which increases your control and flow.