8th & 16th Note Hi Hat Combinations 1

This demonstration combines the use of one 8th note tied to two 16th notes (or vice versa) on the hi-hat over various drum chants. I can’t say how many drummers throughout the 70’s influenced my playing and vocabulary from Tiki Fulwood to Tony Thompson. This is a glimpse into the possibilities of treating the hi-hat rhythms. A way to look at the phrase is an alternative to constant 8th or 16th notes used with hi hats during the disco era. One objective stressed here is to keep this rhythm constant and solid for a long period of time. Endurance, technique and sensitivity are a must. Repetitive patterns over repetitive chants at a slower tempo allows for mastery at faster tempos. This lesson also demonstrates shifting tempos using the 8th/16th phrase combination. The same pattern works on the ride cymbal. I discuss arm position. An echo effect is created using this combination.

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